Project Development

Projects make the world go around...

Babanin GmbH - a Swiss based consulting company founded in 2001 - takes pride in identifying viable projects on an international level and offering such projects to selected capital providers and interested parties.


With our own team and together with partners we offer:

Feasibility studies, due diligence, business plans and project presentations/visualizations

Project finance,project development, project management and general contracting

Software development based on 20 years of experience in medium to large projects

Switzerland and international: Trust services, locating business, financial services including accounting, visa services, work permits, and legal services through associated law firms

We  work on a number of projects. Such selected projects fulfill certain criteria in terms of size, impact, feasibility and profitability.


This overview presents a current selection of projects

100 MW Power plant with a power purchase agreement (PPA) in a Pacific Ocean country

HDS - Patented and experimentally proven technology for the holographic long-term data storage

Building and management of an international school/university in Switzerland

Bringing to market a renewable energy technology  turning waste heat to electricity at low temperatures

Production and marketing of a frame case system for windows and doors in sandwich panel walls

Trading projects for the purchase and sales of commodities and products